XDEX Governance Compliance & Risk Records Management Blockchain

Decentralized Capital Markets Infrastructure Network

XDEX is a decentralized solution for regulatory compliant information governance, risk, and compliance of capital markets and finance.

Highly Secure and Flexible Infrastructure

As a category of “trust technologies”, decentralized data networks and blockchain have ignited innovative solutions across every industry sector – especially financial services and capital markets.

However, it isn’t easy to connect the real world of human-readable documents and records to blockchain networks.

XDEX helps non-technical people and organizations access automation of trust by helping organize blockchain networks into user-friendly record repository libraries.

The mathematically-verifiable, decentralized records network helps to establish a trusted, single source of truth between cooperating participants.

Microservices APIs securely connect digital documents, information and data about real world “things” like identities, business entities, assets, and transactions to any blockchain network.

Blockchain native information governance, risk and compliance

Benefits of XDEX, the eXtended inDEX

By designating a single source of mathematically verifiable truth, records can be secured, governed, authenticated and traced like never before.

The resulting immutable, single source of documents, data, and information eliminates the risks and redundancies between people, organizations, assets, and transactions.

The effort to audit and vouch for information as a form of trust can now be standardized and automated within the scope of any Master Data Management (MDM) framework — even across multiple global legal jurisdictions.

More About XDEX

XDEX follows EDRM records standards

Standards-driven EDRM and eDiscovery for Blockchain Records

XDEX enforces a decentralized, standard framework. To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology for connecting archived metadata to protocol-based distributed data ledger networks, XDEX uses a specialized ontological form of data catalogue index.

XDEX Benefits

A broad range problems are solved with XDEX-based Digital Securities administration solutions- ultimately creating a new, interconnected layer of value while reducing legacy risks within, and between organizations.

XDEX is Bridging the Blockchain Gap With Metadata

The problem with current blockchain ecosystems are the gaps between the underlying blockchain technology and business transactions in the real world. Business in the real world requires more than just a blockchain transaction confirmation.

Discover More About the XDEX Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework

To facilitate a standards-based compliance methodology, XDEX uses API-based services set to access information and reporting.