The image is an example of what hash value data looks like on a blockchain:

Not exactly human friendly, right?

We went public last Friday with the announcement about our graduating from the first phase of Microsoft for Startups Accelerator Program. This graduation comes with $120,000 from Microsoft to continue the development and deployment of XDEX on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services platform. Because of this, we can defray escalating infrastructure development costs for another year as we transition XDEX from pure research & development to a production platform in full market launch.

You can read the official 10XTS website official article here… 10XTS Graduates From First Phase of Microsoft for Startups Accelerator Program With $120K Grant

In that article, I have a little quote I really do run around asking… “If someone says a particular token or hash value on a blockchain represents shares of stock in a company, how do they actually prove it with real evidence?

This is one of many problems we solve with XDEX.

Blockchain shows great promise in bringing efficiency to finance and capital markets – but native blockchain data is not easy to use.

While blockchain solutions have the potential to drive significant value, trust, transparency, & security into capital markets, there’s still a huge gap between the current state of the technology and widespread adoption.

Current blockchain platforms do not create a native, immutable, mathematically provable link between the blockchain and real-world documents about entities, assets, & transactions. This exacerbates the already existing problems with information governance across organizations.

At present, there’s no defined standard to connect a blockchain token to real-world documents. We’re working to change that with XDEX.