It was quite the hectic whirlwind of a trip to Chicago overnight and then back out on the road after a heavy content schedule of a conference. Somehow I slotted in a conference call in the afternoon with Pomp, who was hanging out back in Cincinnati with the 10XTS team.

Soooo….. where to start?

First off, this Misfits-listening punk rocker from back in the day never imagined I’d be having the time of my life hanging out with a bunch of attorneys at a law school.

The BlockLegalTech conference at Chicago-Kent was really great. Hats off to the folks involved – extremely well done, and what I wish every blockchain/crypto conference would be like. All the smart folks bringing salient topics without the anarcho-capitalist “bring down the man” nonsense.

Top takeaways:

  1. Blockchain is still filled with lots of question marks, and the smart attorneys who are digging in now will be the future experts in niche practice areas.
  2. Most involved attorneys only have a light hands-on with code. I don’t think very many are deep in the weeds developers/architects.
  3. SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce is really great. She invited me to connect when I am back in D.C. to meet with Finhub and OCIE.
  4. 10XTS is in exactly the right place at the right time in the market with XDEX and our effort to connect record information with asset management for capital markets & regulatory compliance.

Some other quick takes –

  • Commissioner Pierce told me that WORM (write-once, read-many) technology required by broker-dealers will likely go away. Her position is the tech is antiquated and the government shouldn’t be dictating specific technology platforms. They will likely go to a model where licensed folks subject to Rule 17a-3 & 17a-4 record-keeping can submit their formal plan & documentation to FINRA for their compliance.
  • This could really be good for us because we provide a spectacular format for broker-dealers to leverage XDEX as that record information management medium.
  • Hester also asked for support to push an ICO sandbox for the USA. A tall order considering the current headwinds with the Financial Services Committee Chairwoman and her merry band of friends already throwing shade at not only things like Libra, but fintech in general.
  • My friend, attorney at Carlton Fields & Athena Blockchain, Drew Hinkes, had some great thoughts about the 4th Amendment, etc… I hadn’t considered. Privacy in general was a decent tertiary theme.
  • Another acquaintance and attorney, prof at Kent, Nelson Rosario, is every bit as dashing of a dresser as his social media photos portray him to be.
  • Oh… one other hot take… the donut wall was booyah!!

Okay, now I gotta go find some breakfast.