Cincinnati Crypto Fund

Client Profile

Cincinnati Crypto Fund is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based syndicate fund that packages smaller ticket limited partnerships together to invest in larger, institutional-sized capital requirement funds actively trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This provides less technical investors with exposure to the volatility and yield of cryptocurrency markets without requiring hands-on technology and trading.

CCF General Partners maintain the management and administration of the limited partners and report on monthly gains and losses. As an open-end fund structure, the general partner provides a much shorter minimum time horizon for redemption.

Business Challenge

Capital deployment and redemption is still slow and inefficient. The open-end fund monthly interval performance reporting compounds the management complexity, especially when adding many individual limited partnerships.

Manual calculations and error-prone individual spreadsheets saved to local hard drives represent significant ongoing risks. Management operating and ongoing audit costs are a significant concern.

The Solution

By moving fund management to XDEX, the general partners are automating individual Limited Partner reporting across a real-time, shared blockchain ledger. This enables the general partner to quickly update valuations as they’re reported by the portfolio institutions on a monthly basis. XDEX provides a common system of record and development for future real-time automation and reporting with institutional partners.

“10XTS helps us to provide all our limited partners with a highly secure, single source of documentation for efficiency and transparency for the entire life of the asset. It also helps us provide official document governance structure to all our portfolio asset investments as well.” – Stacey Strasser, General Partner Cincinnati Crypto Fund