LOUD Capital Venture Fund

Client Profile

LOUD Capital is a Columbus, Ohio-based early stage venture capital fund. The fund is a traditional structure with a general partner and limited partners who syndicate investments in portfolio companies in exchange for an equity ownership stake.

Business Challenge

Because venture funds have such a lengthy lifecycle with 10 year horizons, liquidity is challenging for limited partners who may wish to redeem some or all of their position prior to the fund maturity.

The Solution

10XTS used XDEX to create a cloud-based investor portfolio suite to show fractional ownership accounting across all investments. By capturing all of the legal agreements and documentation, the legal evidence asserting provability of the limited partner identities, entities, and assets becomes the system of record for banking institutional custodial trust.

Fractional units of account can be issued as token hash values on a blockchain ledger while preserving the immutable link to the body of legal evidence. Under bank custody, the fractional units can be integrated into the emerging global digital asset markets to provide regulatory-compliant market making and liquidity for private equity assets.

“We’re preparing our funds and investors for a fully digitized asset custody and automated banking future.” — Navin Goyal, CEO LOUD Capital