10XTS CEO Michael Hiles appears as a guest on The Strategy of Information podcast with Nick Ingles


10XTS CEO Michael Hiles recently appeared as a guest on “The Strategy of Information” podcast with host Nick Ingles. 

Immutability can only occur when we KNOW for certain that a Record has not changed. Our current systems offer that to us but with varying degrees of confidence. That is set to change with the advent of blockchain and the promise of an immutable ledger underlying information systems.

This new way of storing information replaces our traditional databases, and experts of all stripes have written about its promise. However, what hasn’t happened yet is actually having the systems to support this new technology advancement.

Nick and Michael discuss the radical changes hitting the information governance space, and how the 10XTS team has been building XDEX, a records management blockchain oracle network.

Michael Hiles, 10XTS CEO, Appearance on Next Wave Podcast

Listen in to Michael Hiles, 10XTS CEO, on the Next Wave Podcast as he chats about digital currency.

The Next Wave podcast posts each week for the latest news and trends in AI, blockchain, IoT, and cloud with founders and innovators building the next wave.

Host Dean Nelson is the founder of Infrastructure Masons and CEO of Virtual Power Systems. Previously, he was head of Uber Compute. Dean’s an expert in IT and hyperscale infrastructure who’s led over $10B in datacenter projects in 9 countries. James Thomason is the CTO of EDJX and President of Rave Media. He was formerly CTO of Cloud at Dell. He’s a repeat Silicon Valley technology expert and entrepreneur with over $1B in career exits across 14 startups. Brad Kirby is the COO of EDJX and is a CPA with deep fintech experience gained through various roles over his 15 year career, split between Deloitte and Brookfield prior to EDJX.

Michael Hiles on upside.fm podcast (feat. Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano)

Michael and upside hosts Jay Clouse & Eric Hornung discuss 10XTS and creating XDEX, a cloud-based blockchain platform that enables enterprises and organization to incorporate the power of a decentralized, immutable ledger system into their information systems and data strategy.

The episode also features commentary by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano.