Identity Management

  • Personal & organization accounts require full identity verification for permissioned access.
  • Integrate 3rd party KYC/AML verification services for global financial compliance.
  • Every account can be controlled by any weighted combination of other accounts and private keys to create a hierarchical structure that reflects how permissions are organized in real life.
  • The identity document system is integrated into the access control and event logging for bank grade identity management that includes storing internal communication about verification processes.
  • The identity system can also be connected to 3rd party verification services.

Event Logging

  • One of the most powerful and unique features of XDEX is the event logging system. Literally every action taken by every user of the network is appended to the event system, hashed and then written to the blockchain ledger as an immutable, distributed audit trail.
  • Among other benefits, this provides a highly secured form of automated trust that eliminates the need for 3rd party manual forensic audits.

Advanced Access Control


XDEX has a native Advanced Access Control List (ACL) system that provides highly granular permissioning to every object and function within the XDEX ecosystem.

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  • XDEX enables users to digitally sign documents within the ecosystem using the private encryption key system.
  • XDEX supports two types of document signatures: embedded and detached signatures. When a document with an embedded signature is uploaded, this signature is readily detected as part of the document inspection step. The status of the signature can be verified by accessing the signatures sections of a document.
  • Signed documents are tamper-proof. That means that if any part of the document’s file is edited (even just one character or one pixel), the document’s signature becomes invalid alerting that an unauthorized change has occurred.
  • Digital signatures can be connected to the internal workflow process as part of approvals.
  • Because the certificate system is a standards-based approach, we can develop and implement full solutions for partners that even include hardware keys and smart cards.