LedgerLab helps digital securities offering sponsors capture and own a 360º ownership of their digital securities and investor data through easy-to-use offering and ongoing investor relations portals.

Our digital securities issuer tools make us the go-to resource for sophisticated issuers looking for an edge.

Designed with the end investor in mind, LedgerLab provides a complete solution to digital securities offering sponsors to easily connect to the emergent digital securities market infrastructure while maintaining control over your investor experience.

Make it easy for your investors to find all the information they need across multiple banks, broker dealers, exchanges, alternative trading systems, and custodial trust to provide value-added services while ensuring you always own your investors and transaction information across the interconnected marketplace.

As a digital securities offering sponsor, you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to ownership of your digital securities data across multiple channels and partners.

  • Provide better investor experiences, easier interaction with the technology
  • Make it easy for your investors to find all the information they need
  • Provide asset portfolio management, cap table, reporting functions
  • Automate issuance and investor subscription
  • Asset Portfolio – Show account-based asset portfolio holdings.
  • Share Units Tracking – Digitized assets on a decentralized data ledger.
  • Investor Document Deal Room & Repository – Secure document and metadata archive. Upload documents for identities, entities, assets, and transactions
  • Accredited Investor & KYC/AML Integration – Connect 3rd party identity verification data to investor accounts or import identity records
  • Investor Updates – Easy push for investor alerts and communications
  • Custom Application Engine – Extend and customize cloud portal with custom features and enterprise integration 
  • Information Governance – Role-based permissions and granular action event logging for comprehensive auditing
  • 100% Cloud-based – Deployed as a Microsoft Azure-based, managed services stack