Connect LedgerLab investor relations portals to the wider market ecosystem of banking, custody, broker dealer networks, alternative trading systems and exchanges for simplification and ease of use for investors, who now have a one-stop shop experience for all market activity, news & data, and compliance activities.

  • Investor Level Asset Portfolio – Show account-based asset portfolio holdings.
  • Issue Digital Securities Tokens – Digitized assets on a decentralized data ledger.
  • Digitized Asset Metadata – Connect to XDEX Entity, Asset& Transaction
  • Secondary Market Trade Settlement – System of record for all secondary market transactions & trades on exchanges (manual or integrated).
  • External Trading Platform / Exchange Integration – Connect to other trading platforms to force tracking of asset, FIX, XBRL, …
  • Market & Asset Analytics – Capture entire data set for deep analysis, ML, AI.
  • Trade Chart Visualization – Present market data with traditional chart models and popular indicators.
  • Aggregated price settlement feeds – connect price feeds from multiple trading platforms, ATS, exchanges, broker dealer networks.
  • Fully-functioning Decentralized Order Book – matching orders as a decentralized network for regulatory-compliant exchanges, ATS, private capital markets & institutional dark pools.

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