CINCINNATI, OH, December 14, 2017 — 10XTS is grateful for the opportunity to present the company and upcoming XDEX launch to the Cintrifuse Board of Directors year-end meeting.

Michael Hiles, CEO, discussed the relationship between Cintrifuse and Founder Institute Cincinnati, the regional chapter of the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute global accelerator program. Michael is a director of Founder Institute Cincinnati, and he presented the progress made with the completion of the second cohort of the accelerator. Founder Institute Cincinnati has now graduated a total of 21 companies into the StartupCincy ecosystem, and is also the genesis of the early stage funding product hypothesis that launched 10XTS and the upcoming XDEX platform.

Hiles was accompanied by Robert Slater, COO, who also engaged in the discussion with the Cintrifuse Board about his work to commercialize technology out of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, where Slater worked as a program manager and ranking officer prior to moving into the private sector.

The 10XTS team was honored to receive such a positive reaction from the Board, and the statement of support from Wendy Lea, Cintrifuse CEO.

We’re excited about the prospects of deeply engaging the Cincinnati business community at such strategic levels.

About Cintrifuse

Created by Cincinnati’s business community, Cintrifuse is more than just a startup accelerator or venture capital fund. It is a startup catalyst, a public/private partnership that exists to build a sustainable tech-based economy for the Greater Cincinnati region. Cintrifuse’s purpose is to advocate for entrepreneurs leading high-growth tech startups– attracting, inspiring, and supporting them on their journey.

Through the construction and maintenance of an Active Network of BigCos, universities, investors, and startups, Cintrifuse is turning Cincinnati into the premier destination for startups and innovation in the Midwest.

To ensure Cincinnati’s future economic relevance and vitality, the Cincinnati Business Committee commissioned a McKinsey study to determine what gaps need to be filled in order for entrepreneurship to flourish in the Greater Cincinnati region. Cintrifuse was created to fill those gaps.

Companies like P&G, Kroger and Western & Southern depend on Cintrifuse to help them source innovation for their business and to grow the region’s startup ecosystem. Ultimately strengthening and bolstering Greater Cincinnati’s economy.

Cintrifuse is in the process of raising their second syndicate fund with a target of $85 million. The Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund is a network and platform that provides a triple net bottom line for investors and Greater Cincinnati’s startup community. The fund gives corporate investors a national innovation pipeline and access to over 400 startups. It creates a network of venture capital funds that generates investment in Cincinnati startups. And it creates attractive financial returns for its Limited Partners,