Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Zone Funds are mobilizing capital investment in economically disadvantaged geographic areas as a result of the 2017 Tax Cut & Jobs Act.

Due to the 10 year horizon of any investment related to an Opportunity Zone in order to realize the long-term gain exemption, a thriving secondary market to persist the timelines while creating liquidity for investors will continue to emerge.

This will require funds, General Partners, and Limited Partners to ensure the efficacy of their original records and filing for auditability into the future.

10XTS automates and secures the lifecycle of digital document evidence of the asset, investment transactions – as well as all related filings and reporting for compliance purposes.

10XTS Presenting Case Study for Opportunity Zone VC Investing in Early Stage Companies October 29th

On October 29, 10XTS will be presenting the case study about their current funding round as a qualified opportunity zone business.
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