Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is the single largest global asset class. Yet, it continues to suffer from significant illiquidity. The complex industry requires interaction between multiple participants for a single transaction. Buyers, sellers, lease holders, brokers and intermediaries, law firms, lenders, title companies, and ultimately the government, must all interact with their own data sets and information – mostly isolated from the information systems of the other participants. Add the complixity of cross-jurisdiction government issues like taxation, recording, and judicial, the impact of inefficient records and data becomes very clear.

Records encoded as information on a blockchain are transparent, immutable and verifiable by every associated peer on the network. Trust is built into the system from the foundation using cryptographic math and validation.

XDEX helps transform the full lifecycle of the entire retail buying and selling marketplace, the investment process, streamlining payments and property transfers, tokenizing securities and property assets, as well as digitization deeds, titles, liens, leases, purchase agreements, insurance policies, and so on.

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