The 10XTS team has extensive experience in end user productivity and business portal solutions.  We can build any type of front-end user experience and workflow processes to match your productivity requirements.

With a mobile-first approach, our web and cloud focus allows us to create new portal applications to interface with your user experience requirements while extending your existing IT and data. We’re big on web-based frameworks like Angular and Node.js.

With XDEX, we can develop and implement powerful internal and external portal solutions for your organization.  We are business people helping business people solve business problems.  We know there is a business case driving your technology initiatives, and we are here to help improve the outcome of your projects by providing comprehensive expertise and support.

Cloud-Based Productivity to Reduce Costs and Virtualize your Workforce

  • Cloud-based deployment provides a more affordable model for SMB and Mid-Market companies
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs by moving to XDEX and the cloud
  • Access your organization’s network from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Eliminate the cluttered file share drive and wasted time looking for documents and information

Easily Launch New Portals to Connect and Engage

  • Provide out-of-the-box functions to rapidly launch and maintain portals for knowledge exchange
  • Connect with customer and suppliers in a managed environment without extensive custom code
  • Leverage data connectivity to tap into existing data warehouses to present information in ways currently not provided