To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology for connecting archived metadata to protocol-based distributed data ledger networks, XDEX uses a specialized ontological form of data catalogue index.

XDEX is used to mathematically connect common data elements to cryptographic encryption hashes so as to place the hash into an immutable context. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly within any explicitly-defined regulatory authority.

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As more things become automated via distributed ledgers and blockchain, human readable, efficient categorization of discoverable metadata records will can automate internal controls, audits, and forensic analysis.

Pretrial discovery and research under Federal Civil Rules of Procedure means legal and compliance teams must be able to access and interpret data in a meaningful way.

XDEX provides a standards-driven approach to the immutable categorization, storage and retrieval of records.