A broad range problems are solved with XDEX-based Digital Securities administration solutions- ultimately creating a new, interconnected layer of value while reducing legacy risks within, and between organizations.

Before XDEX: Capital markets and financial services are inefficient, human-powered operations. Full of risks in every layer of every organization, the only way trust has historically been ensured is through multiple intermediaries and ever-increasing regulatory compliance.

After XDEX: By consolidating the entire iterative body of information about identities, entities, assets and transactions across organizations and legal jurisdictions, trust becomes automated with highly secured algorithms. Workflows and processes are made efficient, value is instantly transferred and recorded, profits and returns are maximized, compliance is inherently enforced.

  • Confidential – Sensitive, contractual information is only ever shared with parties entitled to see it. Parties can be assured that they are notified of all events affecting them.
  • Auditable – Institutions and their regulators can comply with reporting and compliance requirements in real-time, rather than days or weeks after transactions are completed.
  • Analyzable – Financial institutions can run reports against an historical record of all previous agreements and analyze all future potential positions based on current agreements.
  • Extensible – XDEX serves as a common foundation which can be extended with additional functionality, entirely new product lines or even to power other markets.
  • Zero Reconciliation – Continuous and distributed data integrity removes the need and cost of reconciling between multiple parties automatically and in real-time.
  • Common Workflows – Market rules and common business workflows are replicated and independently verified by every party involved in an agreement to ensure systems are never out of sync.
  • Lower Costs – Reduce administrative costs for audits, filings, and transactions to pennies
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance — Reduce Reconciliation Costs. Provide transparency and automated regulatory compliance. Full window into all market data and transactions.