Digital Assets

Assets are generated on the xtsChain as mathematically encoded digital hash values. Corresponding xtsDocs are attached to the hash token schema.

As assets are issued, recorded, transferred, and traded in the real world, the XDEX network becomes the immutable accounting record with provable documentation & data across multiple organizations and their own information management processes.

Permission to access asset document & information may be discreetly granted and/or revoked by authorized accounts with every action logged to the distributed ledger for audit purposes.

Market Order Trade Data

The Market Order Trade Data system captures financial transaction information between buyers and sellers of assets on the XDEX network. This becomes asset metadata that persists with the life of the asset as opposed to being limited to just individual accounts.

Under proper regulatory regimes, may access a full order matching system to enable peer-to-peer decentralized trading. The order book instantly matches orders between buyers and sellers to facilitate transactions without 3rd party exchange or intermediary involvement.

Portfolio Management

The XDEX Portfolio Management system enables asset managers and institutions to group asset holdings together in portfolio views to provide access to valuations and documents.

This can become an investor portal system, or simply show a consolidated view of the various forms of securities instruments of a corporate entity.